Possible uses:
  • A product or service is needed. The provider of these services could also use a service or offer from you. Then why not propose a compensation deal?
  • Customer A needs your products, but does not have the budget for them. Possibly the customer A has something to exchange. If both sides are satisfied, a bartering transaction can also lead to long-term business relationships.
Barter transaction: Exchange of goods and/or services of equal value between two partners without monetary consideration.

An example:

A newly opened campsite needs a web designer for advertising brochures and a homepage. The fee is not paid out in money, but “compensated” with a vacation at the campsite. A good deal for the parties involved, because no one actually has to use money. Not a cent changes hands.


Bartering is the oldest form of doing business. Bartering (Latin “compensatio” and English “bartering”) is being rediscovered and used more often. In my opinion, a great thing that should be given much more attention again in this day and age.
If you yourself would also like to offer a barter deal in relation to our services, then contact me. We will certainly find a solution.
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